Wide range of application

Easy to file a patent application


Destroy the inherent/healthy microflora of the body, posing a risk of secondary bacterial infections;

Unable to achieve inhibitory concentration in the infected site;

Side effects: allergies, intestinal disorders, etc.;

Can lead to the emergence of drug-resistant bacterial strains;

Production of new antibiotics is a lengthy and costly process.



Bacteriophages can be used to directly target disease-causing bacteria, killing only the bacteria it is targeted on;

An appropriate phage can be discovered or elaborated/produced against any kind of pathogenic bacteria;

It might take just a few days or weeks to discover a new phage;

Inexpensive and environment-friendly production;

Bacteriophage treatment does not cause dysbiosis;

Bacteriophages are not toxic and have no side effects;

Having destroyed pathogenic agents/bacteria, they are eliminated from the body;


High selectivity – to guarantee effective treatment it is necessary to identify the pathogenic microbe;

Complicated patenting procedures in some countries.